Reviews recieved from successful students of Crown School of Motoring

Steven. H.McGhee.

Before becoming a learner with Crown School of Motoring, I was not only an unconfident driver, but a reluctant one. I used to dread lessons and driving as a whole.

Through a calming, considerate and genuinely invested approach, Mark was able to help me shift my perspective on driving and instilled a confidence in me that I did not know was there. Mark has the patience of a saint and is able to explain things in ways which are clear and personal for each learner. Mark does not offer a ‘cookie – cutter’ service. He takes time and effort to get to know you as a learner and how you best learn and then works to this moving forwards

Having now passed my test, I can see the fruition of Mark’s transformational tutelage. I am now excited to and look forward to driving. I could not recommend Mark and Crown School of Motoring enough and I will be eternally grateful for the skills .


Natasha B.

I really can’t thank Mark enough for being with me and supporting throughout the last part of my driving journey.

When Mark took me on as a student, he gave me my spark back when it came to driving. I started to look forward to my lessons each week again.

Straight from the get-go it was clear how much effort Mark puts into every student. Mark is extremely patient and brings a calm, friendly atmosphere with him. I had next to no confidence in myself before starting lessons with Mark and throughout the months Mark has helped to build that confidence up.

He’s given me tools and guidance to improve my driving further and will continue to use the methods I’ve learnt in future driving.

It took me a while to find the right driving instructor, but it’s amazing what difference it makes, when you have the right driving instructor at the side of you.

Thank you so much Mark! Highly recommended.

Kimberley H.

 I would highly recommend Crown School of motoring, since my first lesson Mark has been very professional, helpful and friendly. Not only did Mark help me to pass my Driving Test, but also taught me the skills to be able to confidentlyand safely drive on my own !!. Thank you Mark !


Sophie E.

 I would highly recommend Mark as a Driving Instructor. He is by  far the most professional and reliable in the area, teaching to the highest standards. Mark is far more than just a Driving Instructor, he is a friend to anyone who needs it and was always there to help me when I was feeling nervous about driving. I now feel fully prepared to drive on my own due to everthing I have been taught by Mark. Sophie E.

 James D.

 I recommend Crown School of Motoring extremely highly. Mark showed me how to drive not only for the test, I was taught how to drive for life as a confident, safe Driver. Couldn't have asked for a better Instructor. James D.

Will F.

Mark has influenced myself to be a vigilant driver and especially helped increase my knowledge about road safety and efficient driving. Mark has a real geniune passion regarding his pupils learning and can thoroughly explain how to improve, in a way that's encouraging and easy to comprehend.

Thank you again Mark. 

Sophie F.

Hi Mark, just wanted to say what a pleasure it was having you as my Driving Instructor. Your the real reason i've passed !!. You are excellent!. I cannot thank you enough, I wish you the best. Thank you so much.

Charlotte D.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mark for his calm energy. He always made me feel at ease and helped my confidence in driving with previously being extremely nervous. I would highly recommend Mark as a Driving Instructor . Passing with only 1 minor fault. Credit to Mark for his patience. Thank you again.

Sorsha B.

Would definitely recommend Mark to anyone. Great Instructor, very informative and takes pride in his work. He not only wants you to pass your test, but wants to make you a good, safe driver. He's so patient and calm, for anyone who has anxiety like myself, this is your guy. Thanks Mark for everything, no minors !.

Kara T.

Mark has helped me overcome my nerves of driving. With his patience and calm demeanor every lesson gave me a chance to improve my driving. Will be recommending Crown School of Motoring to anyone who is thinking about lessons.


Alessandra T.

My driving journey has been a long and challenging one. I found it difficult due to a lack of confidence. Mark helped me to overcome this through his patience and his dedication to help his students, through their barriers. In doing so, producing safe and confident drivers. I would reccomend him to anyone. In my opinion, he is the best instructor in Louth.

Kieran S.

 I found learning to drive with Mark was very relaxing and assuring. Mark is very calm but fair. He taught me to drive to the best of my ability. Because Mark believes in students driving to the best of their ability, so when you come to doing your driving test, you find it a whole lot easier and pass with very few or no faults at all.

For example Mark gave me some revision papers which were on the manouvres. So I could revise during the week before my next lesson. This helped me to remember how to do them.This allowed them to become second nature and made me pass first time on my driving test.



Claudia L.

Mark is a wonderful Teacher. He put me at ease from the very first lesson, with his clear calm manner.

Mark puts alot of effort into each lesson and is very positive in his approach to teaching.

 I very much enjoyed my lessons and could not of asked for a better Driving Instructor.


Mollie T.

Since my first lesson, Mark has been a hands on, informative and genuinely caring instructor. Not only did he teach me how to pass the driving test, but he taught me how to drive confidently and proactively. Every lesson my nerves were put at ease and if I didn't understand something, there was always another way. He taught me how to handle real- life situations, but more importantly is a genuine , patient and kind man. In my opinion there are no better instructors in Louth.

 Jessica P.

The best Instructor I have had. Mark went above and beyond to help me pass. Extremely patient and dedicated to producing safe drivers. Would recommend to anyone, even the most challenging students like myself !!. Thank you Mark.

Harry W.

Absolutely amazing experience. I couldn't of asked for a better Instructor. Really amazing   Instructor and guy. Thank you for all your help, couldn't of done it without you Mark. 

Callum W.

Mark King has been an enthusiastic and encouraging Driving Instructor. Constantly urging me to do better and correct my mistakes, helping me see each situation as a learning curve rather than a failure. Throughout my time with Mark, I have witnessed the preparation and care in which he gives to each of his students and I highly recommend Mark to anyone that wishes to learn to drive in a proactive manner rather than reactive.


Beth C.

Could not thank Mark enough for helping me pass today with NO MINORS!!. He is so so patient and I was probably one of his most challenging students ever !. Couldn't have done it without you, would recommend to anyone!. Thank you Mark!!!


Ben S.

''Mark is a fantastic Instructor, who will not only get you to pass a test but as he kept telling me ''to be a better than average learner''. I can say I would not be his easiest pupil to teach, however his patience and persistency to get me to pass my test was phenomenal. I would recommend Crown School of Motoring to anyone looking to have driving lessons and pass their test. It's been a pleasure to be taught by you and I couldn't be happier in choosing Crown School of Motoring to teach me to drive.'

Nick C.

Hi Mark. Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me to pass my driving test. Your teaching methods are by far the best and very easy to understand. So once again thank you and I wish you all the best.

Callum H.

Really good service, very friendly and professional, always on time and really happy. Mark got me through the test first time. Would recommend anyone uses Crown !!!!. Callum.

Klaudia R.

Thank you very much everyone. I am very happy and pleased, but I couldn't do it without an amazing Instructor and without his endless patience. Mark thank you for all your support !!!!. Klaudia.

Chloe L.

Thank you Mark. I'm so happy and so relieved to have passed my test first time. There is no way I could of achieved this result without the guidance Mark gave me. I strongly recommend Crown School of Motoring to anyone wanting to learn in the Louth area !!!.

Tom H.

Wow best feeling ever !!!!. Cheers to big man Mark who has been a hero in getting me to pass my driving test first time in under 2 months, so thank you, now the fun begins. Tom H.

Katie B.

Thank you Mark, over the moon with my result. Could not of achieved this without the guidance of Crown School of Motoring. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive and pass their driving test. Thank you for all your time and effort. Katie B. 

Henry N.

Started driving in June with Mark. Excellent pro-active teaching got me through my test first time. Recommend to anyone. Henry N.

Kristina H.

Hi Mark. I have just bought my first car. Thank you ever so much for all your help and patience at times. It is true hard work pays off. I will be recommending you to anyone that will listen !!!!! Thank you again.

Lloyd R.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Mark and would highly recommend Crown School of Motoring to anyone looking to learn in our area. Mark is a genuinely nice guy who is not only passionate but skilled in driving and teaching. He always has a smile on his face, makes you feel welcome and is pleased to see you. I always felt at ease that I was in capable hands. Mark never makes you feel afraid to make mistakes, they are part of the learning process. He will talk through it with you and never gets irritated or angry. His teaching is always well delivered and is easy to understand. Mark teaches you to be a better than the average driver and provides you with a skillset that makes the transition from learner to driver so much easier. It is clear Mark puts in effort and time to tailor lessons  to you. Crown School of Motoring offers a personal aspect  to driving lessons that you don't see from other instructors. Mark is exceptionally easy to get along with. He has a good sense of humour and when you get along with someone it makes learning that much easier. Mark has taught me skills and sayings that will stick with me through the years and help keep my driving to a high standard. 


'Learning to drive with Mark has been an amazing experience, through the lessons he has been patient, positive and extremely informative. I started my lessons with no prior knowledge or experience of driving and through learning with Mark, I am pleased to say that I passed first time and am now happy and confident with driving. I would highly recommend Crown School of Motoring  to anyone, possibly the best Driving School  in the area. Thank you!'

Ollie B.

Excellent tutor,I had some experience with driving, but needed to refine my skills and Mark did an excellent job at it. Would recommend to anybody. Passing my test with a clean sheet (no faults ) which I could not of done without his help.

Chantal R.

I learnt to drive with Mark and I couldn’t have chosen a better Instructor! Throughout the journey he was a great teacher and a fun person to be having lessons with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Jack D

Mark truly is a great Driving Instructor. I am a very nervous person and the prospect of taking a driving lesson always made me feel nervous and scared. I had been with other driving Instructors prior to Mark and never felt comfortable and ready to be on the road. A driving test always seemed a frightening thought. Howevever , through Marks approach I grew in confidence as an individual and started to like driving lessons and driving in general. Marks lessons were always taught with a great deal of guidance, knowledge and fun and he always made that extra effort to make sure I felt comfortable with the experience faced when driving.

Switching to Mark was the best thing I did for my driving. When my test was approaching I felt ready ( with the attitude that I was going to pass ) which was a strange feeling considering driving had always felt impossible for me because of my nerves. All I have to say is thank you Mark, for guiding me on a skill and journey that never seemed possible before. Jack. D.

Jack G.

I enjoyed my time learning to drive with Mark. This is because he made me at ease so I was able to get a lot out of each lesson. By getting a lot out of each lesson meant I was able to pass first time with only 2 minor faults !!


Driving with Mark as my Instructor was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He not only taught me how to drive but he made the experience enjoyable and exiting. There was never a dull moment driving and I truly experienced some of the best teaching.  I now feel confident to drive by myself and feel safe on the road thanks to Mark. He not only taught me the basics,

but he also taught me advanced things, that after talking to my friendsi know didn’t get the same from their tutors. I would like to thank Mark for helping me to pass my test.


Great Instructor, very good person to learn with. Makes you feel very confident, can also have a laugh as your  driving along as well. Great sense of humour, so glad I went with you instead of anyone else and has been proven well with a 1st time pass with no minor faults. Thank you Mark

 Chris P.

I started my weekly lessons with Mark back in October and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Although I found driving   very difficult at first, Mark was able to teach me in a manner that kept me relaxed and comfortable. He was always happy and willing to answer any questions I had, no matter how pedantic they were, he also ensured that I understood everything fully before I was taught anything new.

I also enjoyed his varied   methods of teaching, which included diagrams and case studies when appropriate. This ensured   that lessons were always interesting and that everything was covered in great depth. His lessons were always relaxed and informal, which also helped me gain confidence during my lessons as I was much more comfortable. I think that one of the best aspects of learning with Mark is that he not only teaches his students to pass their tests, but he also encourages more advanced driving practices that greatly help students long after they have passed. His constant emphasis on being ‘proactive’ has helped me be more confident with my driving and I am certain that this advanced teaching will help me constantly improve as a driver in the future.



Mark is a very kind yet firm Instructor. He explains everything clearly and allways ensures you understand before attempting the task. I don't think you can get a better Instructor. He uses fantastic methods for you to revise at home. Mark is very supportive and after failing my test twice due to my own errors I wanted to give up because I didn't think I could do it. However Mark told me not to give up and continuously told me I could pass and had the ability to come back with very few minors. On my third test I passed with 1 minor. I really enjoyed my lessons and that was mainly due to having Mark as my instructor. He does'nt hang around and gets you going and tells you things that really help with your thoughts about driving safely on the road. Mark has helped me gain my freedom to go where I want to go. I cannot thank Mark enough for being my Instructor.

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